Dirty Boxing by A.K. Layton

April 21, 2016 Spotlight 0

She was resistant, but he was insistent. A heart isn’t safe when you fight dirty.

Leena Clark is independent, fierce, and most importantly, always in control. As an event planner those are excellent qualities to have. Carrying those into a personal life doesn’t translate well, but that isn’t something that concerns her. She’s content living blissfully in her spinsterhood. However, when temptation and foolish curiosity clash, she allows the one man she shouldn’t to get close to her. After insisting it was a mistake, she finds herself relying on the fighter for help out of a difficult situation. But his help comes with a price.

Gavril Alenin has been waiting for the opportunity to get close to the beautiful, self-assured, and guarded Leena, and her moment of weakness is his chance to fight for the future he wants. Now in his fifteenth year as a professional MMA fighter, he’s ready to get out of the game, but not without a very specific plan: fight for the title one last time, then settle down with the reluctant Leena. But when he finally gets close to the girl of his dreams, everything else in his world falls apart.

When life turns their world on its head they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight, or will they lose it all because of fears and broken dreams?

Content Warning: contains graphic language, some violence, sex, and adult content

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance



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SORM About the Author

A.K. Layton has always been one to play by her own set of rules. In her youth she enjoyed writing poetry as it gave her a creative outlet which had no restrictions. Now, after years of reading all types of romantic novels she decided that she wanted to write stories her way. She pushed ahead as only a natural born Taurus can, with sheer stubbornness and determination.

She resides in Oregon with her husband and two children. When she isn’t over committing herself for school functions, play-dates, and volunteer activities she enjoys watching MMA fights, taking advantage of the beautiful Oregon Coast, and reading until the wee hours of the night.

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Bounty Hunter 2035 by Wil Collins and Savannah Black

April 18, 2016 Spotlight 0

41jVrw8pd-L._SY445_QL70_Genre: Post Apocalyptic

The year is 2035. 20 years earlier the earth was shaken to its core. Earthquakes started in North Korea and went around the world. Tsunamis ravaged the coasts. Horses are the preferred mode of travel and bounty hunters are the only justice outside of the city states. The centralized governments have fallen apart. Infrastructure is in shambles. Cody becomes a bounty hunter after his wife and daughter fall victim to roving gangs. He tracks them down and kills them all. He rescues a wolf pup and as he grows, Cody realizes he has a psychic bond with him and he can see, hear, and smell everything the wolf experiences.

Tracking two men, who raped murdered and stole, he ends up in what is left of San Francisco. He kills the men taking evidence back with him with the help of a young woman who has lived her whole life in the ravaged town. She hates Bounty Hunters but once she sees that Cody is a decent and honorable man, she leaves with him to become his partner. On the way out of the city, they save two men and a woman from certain death and lead them out of the hell hole.

They find an abandoned farm in the country and homestead it. The barn and a few small outbuildings are all that is left. As they settle into their new life, they have to defend it from one of the gangs from the city who want Cayce back. Can they defend their new home? Can they explore the love that develops between them?

SORM Excerpt
Bart pulled the muzzle of his rifle up and dove to get behind cover as he loosed a round at the man in the middle of the street. Cody had his gun out of his holster and was pumping lead at Bart, as his left hand brought the rifle down and dropped Hank with the first shot. The bullet ripped through his chest exploding his heart as it mushroomed and tore a hole the size of California in his back. As the bullet ended his life, his finger jerked on the trigger and the bullet hit Cody in the center of his chest. It sent him flying backwards, his arms going forwards.

Bart saw his partner go down as if in slow motion and the man in the street flying backwards. He stood up and squeezed the trigger, but his bullet missed the mark and went through the tail of the man’s duster.

Cody felt the impact of the first bullet. He felt as he if had been kicked by a horse. As he flew backwards, he squeezed another round off, catching Bart in the shoulder, spinning him around, slamming him against the wall. He slid down to the sidewalk.

Cody rolled and came up, levering another round into the chamber of his rifle with one hand. Shakily aiming at the man on the sidewalk, he wobbled towards the man, his hat casting a shadow on his hard eyes. Trying to catch his breath, he didn’t have the leisure to give into the pain as he staggered towards the man.

Bart lifted his gun and Cody jumped when he heard the shotgun blast from behind him. He watched as the front of the man’s shirt squirted blood and he fell sideways.

Cayce cautiously stepped out of the shadow and onto the sidewalk as she pumped another round into the chamber. She kept close to the building as she walked past Cody and up to the man she had just shot. She turned him over with her foot and he coughed. He opened his eyes and looked at her with contempt. She asked, “Is it true? D’ya kill that farmer and rape his wife before killun her?”

He coughed again and said, “Yeah, and I’ll do it to you if I get the chance.”

Cayce’s gun jumped in her hand. The only thing left of his head, was a bloody stump of his neck. In a world where God and goodness were shadows of the past, the fastest most ruthless gun and the one who welded it were God.

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SORM About the Author

Traveling and working on ranches in the west has given Wil a unique view of what that life is like. Having had two horses and traveling all over the country with them he met a lot of interesting people and saw God’s country up close. His travels and hardships have hardened him into a strong person who is not afraid to take chances. He lives in Florida on a boat and is in the process of refurbishing it. He loves sailing fishing hiking and camping. Most of all he loves traveling and meeting new people.

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Fleeing Beauty by Mark Love

April 15, 2016 Spotlight 0

7955402Genre: Contemporary Mystery/Romance

A discovery of priceless artwork leads Jamie on a collision course with danger.

Jamie Richmond used to live a nice, quiet life. But last fall she witnessed the shooting of a police officer and figured out who did it. Then this winter saw her best friend targeted by a stalker and kidnapped. Yep, Jamie solved that one and came to the rescue. Now it’s summertime and living is supposed to be easy. All she wants to do is write her novels and spend free time with Malone, the guy who has been by her side since all this craziness bega. But that’s not likely to happen.

Jamie’s father was a very successful sculptor who tragically died more than twenty years ago when she was just a child. What she remembers about him is little more than bits and pieces. A storeroom filled with crates of his work is discovered in an old converted factory. This potential fortune in artwork has been waiting all these years.

Jamie recruits Malone and a few close friends to help her unpack the crates and bring her father’s gifts out to the light of day. New of this discover leads to a robbery. Now Jamie is determined to figure out who is behind the crime.

SORM Excerpt



This sculpture was titled “Fleeing Beauty”.

It was a woman caught in the act of running. Tendrils of slender marble in various lengths and thicknesses extended from her head, as if they were locks of hair billowing out behind her. Part of her face was obscured, turned against her shoulder as if attempting to hide her features from whoever was chasing her. The woman’s body was voluptuous, full of dangerous curves. There was something haunting about this piece. The guys became quiet, which was unusual. Linda slowly moved around it, taking pictures.

“Holy shit,” Ian muttered.

“Watch your language,” Malone said, cuffing him lightly on the back on the head.

“How did he do that?” Ian said, taking a step away. “She looks real.”

“She looks alive,” Malone said.

“Check the file,” I suggested.

None of us could take our eyes off the sculpture.

We spread the file out on the worktable. There were pictures of a woman standing in front of a drop cloth. She was blonde, with an impish smile on her face. She could have been in her early to middle twenties. It was impossible to tell how tall she was. Her figure was eye catching, with a tiny waist and round hips. Most of the pictures showed her in a one piece bathing suit. There was one where she wore a sheer negligee. There were shots of her standing on a pedestal, others with her arms outstretched, and still others where she was looking over her shoulder. In a couple of photos he must have used a fan to blow her hair back.

“She’s a doll,” Ian said.

“Jamie, I think this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Linda said softly.

“You’ll get no argument from me.”

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SORM About the Author

Mark Love (yes, that’s really his name) lived for many years in the metropolitan Detroit area, where crime and corruption are always prevalent. A former freelance reporter, Love is the author of four mysteries, “Why 319?” “Devious” “Vanishing Act” and “Fleeing Beauty” and several short stories.

Love resides in west Michigan with his wife, Kim. He enjoys a wide variety of music, books, cooking and the great outdoors. Love is currently working on several other novels.

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His Perfect Imperfection by Natasza Waters

April 13, 2016 Spotlight 0

hisperfectimperfection_lrgGenre: Contemporary

Mika rents a quaint cottage on a seaside estate. With a group of amazing friends and her disease in remission, she’s happy. In a world spellbound by beauty, she hides the scars of her disorder beneath baggy clothes.

Perched on a cliff, her mysterious landlord lives alone in a stately glass house, although his home is transparent, there’s no penetrating the blue abyss of Cain’s eyes or the coldness of the striking man who disappears for days at a time.






SORM Excerpt

“What can be so bad that you won’t tell me why you take the injections?”

She nibbled on her lip considering it. Nope, she couldn’t. “Hey, do you know any other escorts. I mean someone in the bargain basement?”

“That’s not funny,” he said, palming the wall on either side of her.

She blew her hair out of her eye. “I’m not kidding.”

He pressed his nose to hers. “You better be,” he whispered to her. “Or you’ll force me to accept your form.”

Even as drunk as she was, her heart slammed to a halt as his words brushed against her lips. Time slowed to a crawl, and then stopped right along with her pulse. “Are you expensive?” Cain’s gaze heated her to the core. What was she doing? She didn’t have a clue about sex, and her words were getting dangerously close to temptation. At the same time she wondered how much room was on her Visa.

He hesitated, his thumb tracing her cheek. “Very.”

“More than a new laptop?”

He huffed out a laugh. “I should have known you were leading me down the path.” He kissed her nose. “When you trust me, I want to know what your secret is, but I have one more for you.”

“I love secrets,” she whispered, and chuckled like the drunken idiot she was.

“You’re my best friend, did you know that?”

Tears sprang to her eyes as he became lost in the darkness of the hallway. When he reached the other end, he stopped. “Stevie said, ‘Cain, I know you’re in love with my sister.’”

She covered her eyes. “Ooooh, God, she is such an ass. Sorry about that, she reads too many romance novels.” She turned, and then said over her shoulder. “By the way, Jen is waiting for you.”


“When we left, her car was still parked in front of the house. My guess…” She wavered and gripped the doorknob. “My guess is she’s naked in your bed, waiting to give you a happy birthday.”


She sighed. “Yeah.” Her heart twisted into a tiny knot, but she ignored it. “Have fun.”

“Mika, I would never do that to you.”

He was only a shadow, but even that pulsed with masculinity.

Her policy of always being truthful didn’t include hurting her friends or sharing how much it would hurt her. “I’d be the first one up and dancing at your wedding. Jen’s looking for perfect. Think you’d fit.”

“You forget what I do?”

“You may be a paid fantasy for hundreds of women, but it’s because you’re the man every girl dreams about marrying. Someone will change your mind one day, Cain. I’m one hundred percent sure.”

“What about your dreams?” he asked quietly.

She couldn’t answer his question because her dreams were all about him. “That’s she’s beautiful and makes you happy.” She escaped into her room. Breeze had already made herself comfortable on her bed. “Move over bed hog.”

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SORM About the Author

After majoring in English in her early years, Natasza altered course. A lifelong working relationship with the marine industry began when she became an officer with the Coast Guard.

Crafting stories with pieces snipped from real life and the sea—particularly the West Coast, find its way into plots puddled in action and suspense, with unsung heroes and heroines aplenty. Her bestselling series, A Warrior’s Challenge beginning with Code Name: Ghost has won two R.O.N.E. awards and honors the service members who keep our countries safe, and the strength it takes to love a warrior.
A twenty-four hour day finds Natasza drafting her next novel, networking, and thinking about doing her laundry, but instead, she just buys a new pair of socks. Sleep you say? Not so much!

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The Truth of Us by Renea Porter

April 11, 2016 Spotlight 0

The Truth of UsGenre: Romantic Suspense

Seven years ago, leaving home was easy for Ellie Carlisle. With her business steadily growing in New York she was ready to take it to the next level. But a routine trip to the bank turns into the worst day of her life. No longer feeling safe, Ellie decides to pack up with her son and heads back home, out west.

Ever since he was young Dell has always worked on the Carlisle’s Farm. Everyday he regrets not telling Ellie how he felt before she left town. Dell now the small town’s sheriff still manages to find time to help out on the Carlisle’s farm.

When Ellie returns she and Dell connect again and its as if she never left. Ellie’s son Ben takes a liking to Dell and the three become inseparable. When feelings become involved Ellie’s faced with a decision to either go back to New York or stay in Kansas to make a new life for her and her son. But someone from her past comes to even a score putting her life in danger.

Will Dell be able to get to her in time? Will Ellie stay or go back to the city that welcomed her seven years ago?

SORM Excerpt

Dell’s POV
She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I kissed her back, adding a flash of heat to it.

“Dell and Mommy sitting in a tree,” Ben teased happily.

“Ben!” Ellie yelled. But even she couldn’t hold back the smile. I chuckled.

“What’s up, buddy?” I held my hand in the air and he high fived it. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

And in classic fashion and without hesitation he told us, “A Sherriff.”

Ellie rolled he eyes and smiled. “Of course he does.”

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SORM About the Author

Renea Porter is best known for writing realistic stories with realistic characters. She mainly writes New Adult and Contemporary Romances. However, she’s not afraid to venture into other genre’s like Paranormal Romance.

She enjoys spending time with her husband of fourteen years, and step son. She calls Pennsylvania home, but loves to travel and try new things. In her free time you can catch her reading books, watching reality tv, and baking.

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Control by R.M. Noble

April 8, 2016 Spotlight 0

ControlGenre: Romance

When technologically gifted Amelia Benson lands a job with Zeus Security, one of Manhattan’s renowned networking offices, she encounters the cold, secretive Mitchell Erikson. Quick to deny her attraction to the mysterious, dominant man, she finds herself gravitating toward him and his secret project despite their professional relationship. Drawn in by her ingenuity, persistence, and fiery temperament, Mitchell finally agrees to answer three of her questions.

Titillated by his past and eager to help, Amelia finds herself enthralled by Erikson’s seduction, face-to-face with the ex who nearly destroyed him, and caught in the middle of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart before they can truly begin.





SORM Excerpt
I shake my head, stirring the rice on my plate, “I just seem to be stuck in my head is all. I’m a terrible date.” I look up to meet his gaze, “I’m sorry.”

“On the contrary,” he says, reaching across the table to take my hand in his. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“I just feel like everyone’s staring at me,” I whisper.

“Why is that?”

“This dress, my red hair? I stick out like a traffic cone. I’m practically a lit match in a millionaire haystack,” I exhale, blowing up at my bangs to move them away from my face.

Mitch laughs, “I’m not a millionaire.”

I blink, “You’re not? You’re right. That was silly of me to assume. But this place is pretty frou frou, you know?”

He drops his gaze as he says, “You misunderstand. I said I wasn’t a millionaire.” Mitch reaches for his wine glass and takes a sip. “I’m quite comfortable.”

My eyes widen and I try to compose the surprised, and financially aroused, expression on my face. “Way to make a girl feel more at home in her own tax bracket and then yank it away,” I joke.

Mitch rolls his eyes and then says, “Amelia, trust me when I say that anybody looking at you tonight only sees your beauty.” He brings my hand closer to him, and presses his lips to the back of my palm. “And, if that’s not what they see, fuck them.”

I feel a flutter in my stomach that I can’t help but smile at. “What is it you see?” I ask.

“You’ve an extraordinary gift when it comes to a keyboard,” he replies without missing a beauty.

My cheeks burn and I tell myself not to roll my eyes at his compliment. Instead, I deflect with, “I can’t help but feel like this is the standard package you roll out to your dates. Schmooze them with sweet nothings that make them look like walking thermometers.”

“Is it working?” He asks, smirking lasciviously.

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SORM About the Author
R.M. is an emerging novelist. Living in Virginia, R.M. is a wino, a coffee connoisseur, and a lover of pop music. When not at the beck and call of characters and their adventures, R.M. can usually be found procrastinating on Facebook or Tbeck witter. To learn more about upcoming projects and join the newsletter, visit www.rmnoblewrites.com.

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Adjournment by Emersyn Vallis

April 6, 2016 Spotlight 0

22726728Genre: New Adult

When I chose to leave home I knew what I was giving up. I knew I was walking away from life as I knew it and the plans that we had made.
We…us…him and I…
It’s funny to think of him in a different light…or life.
That’s what it feels like, a lifetime ago.
But I’m a different person now. I have rules and goals. And if it wasn’t for my parents’ vow renewal I would have successfully evaded him for the rest of my life. This is not by choice, I can tell you that.
I just need to focus and remember the key to this weekend is avoidance…and alcohol. But if anyone can pull that off it’s me, Sidney Chandler, queen of avoiding anything that will make me feel.
It’s just one weekend, right?
One very long weekend with my family…friends…my sisters and me…together, and our nemeses, the McAllister triplets.
What could possibly go wrong?
They say you never forget your first love, now just imagine how hard it is to forget your only.
This is going to suck.

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SORM About the Author
Emersyn Vallis currently resides on the east coast with her three girls. She is typically mistaken for being quiet and reserved but those that know her know, she’s deep in thought plotting out stories lines and conversations in her head. When she’s not writing she’s a cook, a personal baker to her family, a chauffeur, a mediator, a guidance counselor, a stenographer, an art judge, a personal shopper and above all a caffeine chugging, Reese’s Cup addict. She’s fluent in sarcasm and hopes one day her girls learn the language. After reading as a hobby for most of her life it wasn’t until she had discovered R. L. Mathewson’s ‘Neighbor from Hell Series’ and Tara Sivec’s ‘Playing with Fire Series’ that she came up with the idea to fuse comedy and suspense together and her passion for writing was born.
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Untangling the Stars by Alyse Miller

April 4, 2016 Spotlight 0

Untangling the StarsGenre: Contemporary Romance

Even a bad romance can have a happy ending.

Staying true to her own character has never been a problem for Dr. Alessandra Foxglove. Andie has devoted herself to teaching others, and – not to toot her own horn – she’s damned good at it, too. A beloved college professor and engaged social activist, Andie has her heart – and both her hands – full.

So when celebrity bad boy Guy Wilder wanders into her classroom one day by accident, Andie doesn’t think much of it at first. There are guest speakers at the university on a daily basis – although none as devilishly handsome as primetime’s favorite preternatural lady-killer with lightning bolt blue eyes, Silas Dove. But when he shows up again the next day after a capricious goodbye, Andie begins to see that there’s more going on behind the scenes with this brooding, bad boy star. And even though she’s built a career on analyzing the human reaction to Hollywood’s most sexy and dangerous characters, she can’t help herself from falling under the very same spell she preaches against. Besides, with cheekbones like that, she couldn’t say no if she tried.

SORM Excerpt
He pulled his lips away from hers, letting the kiss trail off in a series of smaller kisses on the edge of her mouth, her chin, her jaw. Mouth still open, he tipped his forehead against hers, hiding his face behind a curtain of hair.

“It’s late.” His voice cracked under the strain of his need, but anxiety crept back into the set of his jaw. “I should go.”

Andie tried to see through the locks of fallen hair and decode the man underneath. He was a tricky one, this enigma wrapped in a riddle. If she knew what was best for her, she’d let him go. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this could never work—this romance between a regular girl and a man from the headlines. Those relationships never worked, in or out of the movies. It was hot and heavy and then boom, someone’s arguing pre-nup semantics in annulment court while the rest of the world reads along. Andie thought about all of those gloomy—and very probable—scenarios and made her decision.


Guy didn’t move, but he did look up at her. She looked back at him, unyielding and unashamed. She knew what asking him to stay meant, and she wanted him to stay. Please stay.

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SORM About the Author
Alyse Miller is a contemporary women’s fiction author with a penchant for romantic and speculative twists. While she writes comfortably across several genres, Alyse especially enjoys writing for a new adult audience and exploring the emotions of romance and the growth of the human spirit as it transitions from adolescence into adulthood.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association, and the Author’s Guild. Alyse is currently represented by InkSpell Publishing.

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SNARE (a Falling Stars novel) by Sadie Grubor

April 3, 2016 Spotlight 0

25997898Genre: Contemporary Romance – Rock Star

Sidra Campbell lives by a hump-him-and-dump-him rule. No love, no messy emotional strings, means no chance of losing control – again. She came to L.A. to support her cousin Liza, but she’s also running from the vicious cycle she left behind in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for her, two men aren’t making life easy. One invokes the haunting nightmare of a past she’s fought hard to be a survivor and not a victim. And another so tempting, so persuasive, she reinforces the wall around her heart and dons her mask to keep the behemoth out. To everyone else, she appears confident and happy, but they’re always the ones hiding the deepest pain.

Xavier Stone, former drummer to one of the greatest rock bands, Corrosive Velocity, has suffered loss after loss. Finding himself a full-time dad and in threat of losing once again, he’s barely hanging on.

There’s one woman who creates a spark of interest so strong he can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. She hates him. At least, that’s what the mask of insults and indifference she wears wants him to believe, but her kiss tells another story. Xavier has lost too much. She may not be happy about it and can run all she wants, but Xavier’s done losing.

When two explosive personalities collide, one runs and the other snares.

SORM Excerpt

“Are you smelling me again?” I accuse.

He grins.

“I warned you I would keep doing it until you told me the scent.”

His arms come around me, causing me to tense. Dipping his hand between my thighs, he arranges my left leg over the seat.

“What are you doing?”

He pulls me back against his chest.

“Teaching you how to drive,” he states, taking my hands and putting them on the handles.

“Uh, no.” I shake my head. “I prefer riding bitch.”

I try to stand, but he pulls me down by my hips.

“Sometimes I like to ride a bitch, too,” he says low in my ear.

“You’re a bitch,” I snap, my first reaction to his innuendo.

“Is that your way of asking to ride me later?” he tosses back before turning on the snowmobile.

I’m stunned silent and I hate that he did it. Looking down, I see a decal between the windshield and gas cap. Gas or Ass. No One Rides for Free.

I roll my eyes, turn my head, and say sarcastically, “Nice decal.”

“I’m glad you saw that. Now we don’t have to discuss payment for the mountain tour. Will it be gas or ass?”

“I’ll pay the same way your daughters do,” I retort.

“They have their own snowmobiles,” he answers, an edge to his response.

“Do they charge in ass, too?” I ask, a little too snotty.

I can’t stand how he gets to me. I don’t get snotty. Bitchy, yes, but snotty and stunned silent, never.

“That’s not funny,” he growls.

“Hey, I figure you’re leading by example,” I quip, giving a small shrug.

Grabbing my hands again, he places them on the handlebars.

With his hands over mine, he shows me how to use the throttle, brakes, and how to maneuver. Thankfully, he never leaves me to drive on my own. We’d both be dead.

After taking us to another ridge, this time seeing mountain goats, and driving through an open area for me to practice, we arrive back to the cabin.
I climb off so he can put the snowmobile away in the large shed and his hands slide over my ass, squeezing.

“Hey!” I jump away from him.

“Ass,” he calls out, wearing a large grin.

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SORM About the Author

I’m a self professed foul mouthed, book nerd who seeks world domination with her sinister side kick, evil minions, fatal depth dwelling feline, hell hound, villainous lagomorpha and fanged lagoon creature.

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I Remember Me by Leila Lacey

March 23, 2016 Spotlight 0

28697932Genre: Romantic Suspense

Beautiful Najee Torres has just woken from a six-month coma. The victim of a carjacking, she was shot and doesn’t know her name, where she is or how she got there. Hard as she tries, she also can’t recall the seemingly dutiful husband at her bedside or the two kids who are waiting for her at home.

Aidan Torres is beyond relieved when his wife finally opens her eyes. When he learns she has amnesia, he believes it is a second chance to get things right. He loves her. And the last thing he wants is for her to discover they were on the verge of a divorce before the carjacking.
Najee works hard to get her life back and struggles to remember all of the people supporting her as she recovers. They really seem to care about her, but it’s hard to know whom she can trust since she is also trying to figure out who threatened to kill her as she was coming out of her coma. Why would anyone want her dead? And why is she so leery of her sexy, adoring husband? She finds her heart wants another when she comes out of the coma, her doctor Dr. Ian McCullum.

Will her memories eventually all come flooding back or will she be forced to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder?
I Remember Me, by popular author Leila Lacey, is a standalone novel. This is classic mystery romance at its finest. Suspenseful and racy, it focuses on a woman who must recover all she has lost if she wants to live happily ever after.

SORM Excerpt

Najee clawed her way through the darkness of her coma.

Then she heard a voice saying, “You’re going to die bitch, now or later. It doesn’t matter when, but you’re going to die.”

The voice was so terrifying it propelled her forward closer into consciousness.

She was enveloped in pain, sinking in and out of an oblivion, which pushed her into an awareness that was accompanied by pain that was the most intense, all-encompassing misery she couldn’t localize. Just when she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs in agonizing pain, a warm feeling of relief would wash over her and she would again slip into blissful unconsciousness.

Slowly as the days went, by Najee was conscious more and more. If she focused really hard, she could hear voices, the incessant beep of electronic monitors, and what sounded like voices far in the distance.

“Moved just in time…most would have died from this injury…”

“…How long before we know if there is any brain damage?”

“When will you be able to remove the bullet?”

Bullet? Who had a bullet? Where? Wait—are they talking about me? She thought.

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SORM About the Author
Bow down to the curves. That’s the philosophy that’s motivated romantic fiction author Leila Lacey as she’s wrote over a dozen popular books taking a hot and exciting look at love and adventure from a strong, curvy woman’s viewpoint. The books have been received with enthusiasm, and it’s clear the best is yet to come for these BBW romances (Big Beautiful Woman).

“I think it’s important to present strong, beautiful, curvy women that have amazing female to female relationships,” commented Lacey, on what motivates her. “If we don’t provide alternative role models for people, they could fall into the trap of not loving who is looking them back in the mirror. Romantic fiction should entertain, but it should also help build confidence and a great self-image. I’m trying to cover all these things and more in my books.”

According to the author, Lacey had a quite unexpected entry into writing. Although always interested in being a writer she never explored her skills fully until being convinced to join a writing contest. Within 30 days she had finished her first novel, won the contest, and never looked back. An example of a woman with confidence proving to herself, and the world, what can be accomplished when dreams are pursued actively.
Some of her most popular books in the plus size women genre include: Phoenix Rising; A Very Curvy Christmas; Dr. Black’s Patient; Love’s Legacy; Shelby’s Awakening; and many, many more.

Author Links: Website     Facebook     Twitter      Instagram