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Tamaria’s Two cents: Allegiant Movie

March 22, 2016 Two Cents 0



 I went to see Allegiant on opening night because I couldn’t wait to see it! The special effects in the movie are unbelievable and the story was extremely enjoyable!

 I would of liked to see more of the relationship between Four and Tris in the movie. They did show the conflict on choosing different sides and the respect they have for each other but no passion was felt in the two kissing scenes they had.

In this movie Four , Tris and a few others venture out of war torn Chicago and over the safety of the wall (that scene is just amazing) to see what if anything is out there.


How close did the movie follow follow the book?

It’s been over a year since I read it but I remember the important parts and they all made it into the film, so I was pleased.

I’ll reread the book before part 2 releases next year which has a brand new name (I thought that was very strange why not just call them part one and part two like all the other franchise did) Ascendant which will focus on the second half of the book Allegiant.

There have been rumours that they may change the ending of the book for the movie. This would make me very happy as I hated the ending. I was so angry with what happens in Allegiant that I whipped my book across the room.

The book series in all I did love and I do understand why the author did what she did but it just sucked for the reader.

divergent book series



 Here’s the trailer if you’re living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet 🙂





Tamaria’s Two Cents: The Orginals

March 8, 2016 Two Cents 0




Today I’m going to give you my thoughts on the TV series The Originals which is a spin-ff of the Vampire Diaries.

The two hour cross-over episode was fabulous. I’m even caught up on VD now and I’m liking some of the twist but still hate the skip ahead 3 years thing.

I’m a huge Klaus fan so no matter what he does (and man he does some really bad stuff) I still love him!

Spoiler Alert! If you are not caught up on this show please don’t read any further.

The orginals

I binged watched this show after I finished VD and I LOVE IT!

Here we go…

Last Friday, two brothers (Kol & Finn) returned (I miss Rebekah) and the family faces new threats. Klaus is no longer linked to his sire line which makes him an easy target for his enemies.

Also, last week Elijah and what he did for Hayley was kick-ass!

As the episode ended Klaus was leaving town  and on-the-run with Hayley and the baby, what upsets me in in Friday’s episode the VD at the end when they did a 3 years from now… Caroline went to New Orleans with the twins to seek out Klaus and the barkeep said that he’s been gone for years.

PLEASE say it’s not so! The Originals without Klaus would be horrible!

The Originals will be back April 1st!



Tamaria’s Two Cents: The Vampire Diaries Season 7

February 23, 2016 Two Cents 0




Happy Tuesday! A few month ago a friend of mine told me I needed to start watching The Vampire Diaries. So, I binge watched all 6 seasons that were on Netflixs in like 3 weeks! Yes, I take my binge watching seriously!

I’ve never read the series but I was drawn into the TV series instantly and loved it! I adore Damon!

Season 7 spoilers below!

Vampire Diaries


The first 6 seasons to were amazing. Season 7 is another story… I’m hating it.

Without Elena I feel the show is lost and should come to end.

The premise is two brothers in love with the same woman and they removed the conflict by putting her in a deep sleep for years to come.

Also, the flashing ahead 3 years to me is stupid!

In conclusion, I did love the series up until this season.  Instead of bitching about how much I hate it I’ve decided to stop watching until this season is complete.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday and next week I’ll be giving my two cents on the spinoff series The Originals!

I do love me some Klaus!

Just a side note I’m a HUGE Twilight fan and I found it funny that the actors who play/played Edward and Stephen were very similar in looks and mannerism!

See you next week!



Viari’s Two Cents: Grace Potter’s Midnight

February 11, 2016 Two Cents 0



Hello, Viari here, today we’re talking music.

Midnight is Grace Potter’s debut solo album.


It is quite the different sound than her previous 4 albums with the Nocturnal’s. Though I expected it to be, and I was thoroughly surprised as I love the album. She never disappoints, Grace’s gritty vocals are on full display.

I leave you with three songs off Grace Potter’s Midnight. See you next week.

Empty Heart

Alive Tonight

Look What We’ve Become
If she’s in your area, go to a show, she is electric on stage. 


Tamaria’s Two Cents: Grease Live

February 2, 2016 Two Cents 0


 “Waves” Hello, I’m Tamaria Soana and today I want to talk about Sunday’s Fox presentation of Grease Live!

First off, Grease is like my favorite movie of all time.

I’ve seen the musical version many times, some I’ve loved, some made me shake my head and one I even walked out on.

That being said let get on with my two cents!

I have to say they hit it out of the park with the opening number Grease is the Word by Jessie J!


I was pretty pleased with the cast for the most part. The character that threw me off the most was Kinicki, because to me he will always be tall and blonde. Don’t get me wrong Carlos PenaVega did an amazing job playing that role.

The leads Sandy (Julianne Hough) and Danny (Aaron Tveit) did any amazing job! 

orginal grease


There were two scenes/songs that I felt stood out and were exceptional.

Marty (Keke Palmer) singing Freddy My Love was an unexpected wonder.

The show stopper for me was Rizzo (Vanessa Hudgens) singing The Worse Thing I Could Do. Rizzo has always been my favorite Pink Lady.

I was in awe at Miss Hudgens strong heartfelt performance because less than twenty-fours before she went on she lost her father to cancer.

As for the controversy over the new song sang by Frenchy All I Need is an Angel  (Carly Rae Jepsen) before Beauty School Drop Out, I felt it fit into the show well.

Also the moving of the song Hopelessly Devoted to You threw me at first but again they made it work!

I can’t end this without saying what a wonderful jog Mario Lopez did as Vince Fontaine. I’ve been a fan of his ever since Saved by the Bell!

Overall I would give Grease Live an A!

I have it saved on my DVR and I’m positive I’ll watch it again!

Come back next Tuesday for my two cents on Season 7 of the Vampire Diaries and Season 3 of The Originals!