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Fall In Love by Melissa Kendall

November 2, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Fall In Love by Melissa Kendall by Melissa Kendall

Michael Dunbar runs his family’s cattle station in the far north of Western Australia. Station life is lonely and he wishes there was a way he could find a companion that wouldn’t mind living the outback life with him. In hopes of finding a woman, Michael heads to Broome for a few weeks holiday. What he finds is something he never expected.

Mia Mason is a Perth girl who longs to leave the city behind for a life in the country.

Can two like minds fall in love? Only destiny knows.

Release Day Blitz and Giveaway December 3rd!



Silent Night, Unexpected Night by Ella Jade

October 14, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Silent Night, Unexpected Night by Ella Jade

Genre: Erotic Romance

 Ever since his divorce several years ago, Dr. Tanner Rhodes has spent Christmas Eve alone. He has a tradition; he sits by the fire, sips his brandy and falls asleep by the lights of the tree. 

When his son Aiden’s beautiful friend Sofia shows up unexpectedly at his door bearing gifts, everything changes. When had Sofia become a woman?

Tour Dates November 19th – December 14th
This tour is for spotlights only.
Tour Closed
22nd – New Age Mama
23rd – Tamaria Soana
6th – Lacey Wolfe
14th – Krista Ames



Fearless by Christine Rains

October 2, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Fearless by Christine Rains

Genre: YA

 Abby White was seven years old when she killed the monster under her bed. Now she slays creatures spawned by the fertile imaginations of children, and the number of these nightmares are on the rise. Neither she nor her guide – a stuffed hippo named Tawa – know why.

When she rescues Demetrius from an iron prison, he pledges his life to protect hers until he can return the favor. She doesn’t want the help. And how can she concentrate on her job when the gorgeous wild fae throws himself in front of her during every fight? No matter how tempting, she can’t take the time to lose herself to him.

To save the children and all she loves, Abby must be truly Fearless.

Tour Dates October 22nd – 27th
This Tour is for Spotlights Only!
Tour Closed
27th – Reader Girls



90 Cats and No Litter Box in Sight by Molly Zenk

September 29, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

90 Cats and No Litter Box in Sight by Molly Zenk

They’re perfect for each other…even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Glynis Kirby’s love life stinks. Her boyfriend dumped her for another guy. Her next-door-neighbor held her hostage on prom night. And now she’s been trapped in a Porta-Potty by a monkey with a switchblade. And she’s not even going to talk about her date with the poly sci major with the Pocket Ouiji Board. Maybe she really is desperate enough to take everyone’s advice–including her mother’s (ugh!)–and date the dashing Daniel Bond.

Corin Lancashire runs the popular blog site where he chronicles his less than stellar attempts to get noticed by his dream girl, Glynis Kirby. After taking the “all girls think stripteases are hot” advice from a reader, and discovering that “all girls but Glynis think stripteases are hot,” Corin disables the comments feature on his blog and takes matters into his own hands to build a friendship-crawling-toward-relationship with his dream girl. But competing with the charming, suave, and well-dressed Daniel is a hazard Corin didn’t anticipate, and neither is the information he digs up on Daniel that could threaten Glynis’s life…

Tour Dates October 29th – November 4th
This tour is for Spotlights only!

10/29: Doddle’s Book Blog

10/30: Tara Len Walker
10/31: The Howling Turtle


11/1: Ella’s Muse
11/2: Reading, Writing, and Roses

11/3: The eBook Reviewers


Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject

September 28, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

At the end of his obligated commitment to the Space Service, Frey Berger decides to stay on Earth to further experience human emotions rather than return to Ginnun where his intended has already mated with another. Looking for real love and someone to accept him for what he is, Frey enlists in Madame Evangeline’s popular dating service. Although he does not understand the concept of a one-night stand, he hopes to find his perfect mate.

Carrie Cooper’s husband divorced her for someone who could provide him with children, leaving her with little self-confidence and no desire to let a man hurt her again. Her best friend convinces her to join a dating service, claiming Carrie needs to get laid, while not winding up with a broken heart since her date requires no commitment after the night is over.
Although several misunderstandings nearly derail them before the date has even begun, Carrie and Frey end up becoming closer than they ever believed possible. Still, Frey will need to convince Carrie that her perfect mate isn’t human at all, and that one night can lead to a forever love.
Tour Dates December 10-15
Tour for Spotlights Only

Tour Closed!
11th – Ella Jade
13th – Melissa Keir



Forsaken Paradise by Elise Whyles

September 27, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Forsaken Paradise by Elise Whyles

What could be more dangerous than loving a rogue? 

Condemned as a rogue and punished by his master, Angrail, one of the Seven Paradise Walkers, has wandered mortal and immortal worlds for centuries. He’s determined to find those responsible for killing an innocent woman and the child she carried, no matter the cost to himself.

Ephynia, a demoness with scars, has spent a lifetime serving Nerafail, Lord of the Dead. When she unwittingly stumbles upon the one being who can end her loneliness, the battered Angrail, her life changes forever.

Unknown to Angrail and Ephynia, evil lurks in the shadows. There are those who believe Angrail and Ephynia are the key to preventing a coming war—a war that they need to take place—and they seek to end their lives.

Can Angrail find love in the arms of a demoness at war with herself? Or will the secrets hidden within the bowels of their worlds destroy them before they can find peace?


Tour Dates: October 29th – November 7th

Tour Closed


29th – Reading, Writing, and Roses 

30th – Tamaria Soana

31st – The eBook Reviewers 



1st – New Age Mama

2nd – Melissa Keir 

5th – Sara in Bookland

5th – Ella Jade

6th – Lacey Wolfe 





Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood

September 25, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood
Genre: contemporary/erotic romance.

 When pole dancer Mia is asked by sexy, rich Lawrence Russo to come and work for him in Italy for two weeks, she jumps at the chance. But as their relationship develops, Mia can’t help but wonder if Lawrence’s feelings for her are genuine, or whether he feels he’s just paying for a service. Even if they’re relationship is strong enough to survive misunderstandings and insecurities, what will happen when somebody from Mia’s past shows up and threatens to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?
Tour Dates December 17th – 22nd
17th – Ella Jade – Spotlight
17th – Tamaria Soana – Interview
18th – Savannah Chase – Guest Post
18th – Aimee Duffy – Interview
19th – New Age Mama – Spotlight
19th – The Ebook Reviewers – Spotlight
20th – Lacey Wolfe – Spotlight
21st – Reading, Writing, and Roses – Spotlight
22nd –  Intriguing Reads – Spotlight



Letting Go by Lacey Wolfe Tour Dates October 3rd-15th

September 13, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Letting Go by Lacey Wolfe

Genre: Erotic Romance with BDSM undertones


The rules were simple and the night promised to be one to never forget. All Scarlett has to do is let her guard down and have a little fun.

Scarlett’s best friend Angela, has convinced her to attend an event called Text Me. No talking is aloud, only texting someone to get to know them. Rooms had been reserved for those attending to use in case they wanted to get to know someone one a more personal level.

After a series of texts that lead nowhere, Scarlett get’s one that piques her interest. The person on the other end wants to tie her up and spank her. And she finds herself eager to learn more. But that would mean trusting the anonymous texter. Can Scarlett finally let go and experience the pleasure this mystery man has to give? 


Tour Dates October 3rd – 15th
This Tour is for Spotlights only!

Tour Dates October 4th -15th
This Tour is for Spotlights only.
4th – Melissa Kendall
6th- Krista Ames
8th- The Ebook Reviewers
12th- Intriguing Reads
14th – Melissa Keir 



Vows by Tamaria Soana

September 11, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Vows by Tamaria Soana

Genre: Romance

Addison Klein realizes how unfulfilled her marriage to Tyler is. She is contemplating whether she should fight to keep her family together or walk away.
The death of her best friend Peyton, cause her to sit back and rethink her life. After a fight with Tyler, and a scary episode at work Addison knows she needs to finally decide her future.

Just when she thinks she is all alone in making this life altering decision, she gets a little guidance from her guardian angel.

Addison comes to terms with the fact that she needs to deal with her past before you can move on and focus on the future. With the help of her therapist Addison rediscover herself and realizes that the vows she said on her wedding day meant something to her… for as long as we both shall live.
Wanting to be a better example to her two little girls, she makes a decision that will change their lives forever when she sets out to seduce her husband.

Tour DateNovember 26th – December 14th
Tour closed

26th – Reading, Writing, and Roses – Spotlight
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28th – Melissa Kendall – Spotlight
30th – Intriguing Reads – spotlight
5th –Ella Jade – Spotlight
7th – The Ebook Reviwers – Spotlight
10th – I Am, Indeed – Spotlight
11th- Melissa Keir – Spotlight
13th – Krista Ames – Spotlight
14th –Lacey Wolfe – Spotlight



Something More by Ella Jade

September 8, 2012 2012, Completed Tours 0

Something More by Ella Jade

Genre: Steamy Romance

An affair and  shocking secret threaten to tear apart a rich and  powerful family.
Claudia Samson, housekeeper to the privileged Callahan  family, finds herself in an unfortunate situation. 
Her brief fling with  Gavin, the Callahans youngest son, results in a pregnancy. She ends up alone  and  afraid when Gavin denies her unborn  child.

 Successful CEO Brody Callahan devotes his entire life to running Callahan Industries, his deceased father’s legacy. He’s also responsible for cleaning up his brother’s messes. Brody doesn’t realize what  he’s been missing by throwing himself into his work until he finds Claudia  asleep in the family guest bedroom. He has discovered his very own sleeping beauty.

Claudia is instantly attracted to the charismatic  businessman but knows her secret will destroy any chance they have for a  future  together. Can Brody overlook the mistakes of his manipulative, younger  brother and raise Claudia’s child as his own?

Tour Dates November 19th – December 7th
19th – Tamaria Soana
22nd – Melissa Keir
29th – Lacey Wolfe
1st – Aimee Duffy