Dark Side of Love by Janie De Coster

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dark-side-of-loveGenre: Paranormal Romance

Sergen Reynolds was everything to Jerrico except faithful. Left with a broken heart she sets out for a new adventure thanks to her cousin Vivian, a high fashion model, living the glamorous life in Miami, Florida.

Ashley Covington, a handsome, charismatic acquaintance of Vivian’s enters her world like a knight in shining armor. But Ashley is a man of many secrets that will enthrall Jerrico into A Dark Side of Love.







Jerrico gazed at the magnificent courtyard as she stood on the balcony of the colossal castle she now called home. Acres of land lead up to the castle which set atop of the hill. A long cobblestone driveway lined with willow trees greeted every guest. Jerrico was now the wife of Ashley Covington, a man of great wealth and prominence. She had to pinch herself every now and again to ensure she wasn’t dreaming..

Jerrico was fascinated by the castle. She familiarized herself with nearly every room. There was a few she was not allowed to enter which was made perfectly clear to her by the staff. One day she was in the library which was filled with hundreds and hundreds of centuries-old books. Jerrico had been given a stern warning early on that she wasn’t allowed to touch even one of them. Temptation was getting the best of her as her eyes glazed over the rich covers of the books.

A crimson-colored book had caught her eye. As she reached up to pull it from the shelf, Mr. John’s voice filled the room. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” Jerrico nearly jumped out of her clothes as she turned around to face him. “I just don’t get it, Mr. John. What good is it to have such an array of books that can’t be read by anyone?” “Trust me, madam. It’s all for the best.”

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Janie DeCoster is the author of The Sister Series; What My Sister Didn’t Know Part 1 and 2. FRIENEMIES and a short Paranormal Dark Side of Love, all re released by Unlimited Possibilities Publishing. Janie DeCoster new release Men@Play is available now on Amazon. Janie DeCoster is a native New Yorker who resides now in South Carolina with her husband and family.

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