Committed to Chase by Natasza Waters

January 27, 2017 Spotlight 0

commited-to-chaseGenre: Romance

Jesse is the sublime and sexy new chief engineer at Charlie’s office. Ignoring her desires is easy since he’s eight years younger, a retired SEAL and a combat hero. While the younger women battle it out for his attention, Charlie keeps her concentration on her work. With an important contract on the line, their CEO sends them all to Las Vegas for the computer convention. It’s not a problem until Charlie wakes up in Jesse’s bed, and he doesn’t want what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas.







It was a far-fetched idea this could be anything other than a moment of opportunity for him. She didn’t really want to hear the truth because while all the other women had lusted over him, she’d come to know who he was as a person. Slowly over the months, she’d fallen in love with an honest, intelligent and incredibly sexy man.
Jesse had struck her dumb on the first day she saw him. He had no idea how she’d restrained herself to be professional and not act like some idiot schoolgirl. From the first day forward, she’d caught herself spending more time in front of the mirror. Taking more care with her makeup and hair. Her heart skipped a beat when he walked in the door every morning and made sure to swing into her office to say good morning.

“Did you do this on purpose?” she asked.

His response came without pause. “If you’re asking did I consciously set out to get you drunk, hoping I could seduce you into my bed, the answer is yes.”

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With thirty years plus serving in the Coast Guard, I have enough book fodder to last me another thirty. I hope you enjoyed Committed to Chase. There’s more military romance and contemporary tales to submerge yourself in if you liked this story. Come find me on Facebook or at your favorite Amazon outlet. Become part of my writing family and sign up for my quarterly newsletter for fun interviews with my characters, sometimes the models on my books come to visit, and of course there’ll be news of upcoming releases and giveaways.

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