Blood of Eden by JJ King

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blood-of-edenGenre: Paranormal Romance

When Katherine LaFlamme is summoned home by her father, the Alpha of the North American wolf pack, she drops everything and answers the call. Despite her desire to experience the human world before she settles down, Katherine is fiercely loyal and, as her parent’s first born and the pack’s best tracker, she’s an essential part of the family.

There’s trouble at home; a hunter has invaded their territory and murdered several of their kind and a rogue wolf has been stalking the female members of the LaFlamme family. To make matters worse, a secondary claim to the Alphaship of North America has risen, setting the entire pack on edge.

Then Katherine meets a mysterious wolf named Quinn and things begin to get interesting… and very deadly. Katherine and Quinn are swept up in a puzzle of ancient rites, prophecies, and mythic lore which reveals that there’s more to both of them than first meets the eye.






Katherine leaned against the concrete wall and breathed deeply. Steam hissed from a metal grate by her feet, and the alley air dimmed with thick fog for a moment. As it cleared, she straightened, ran a delicate hand through her long red hair and rotated her neck muscles, relaxing her body as the bones cracked, releasing the tension that had been building for hours. She inhaled, closed her eyes and forced her body to unwind, releasing the pent up emotions that had slowly begun to overtake her sense of control and humanity. The night was dark, moonless and cloudless, the perfect night for a hunt.

She smiled, her teeth flashed white, as she pictured the two men she had just left waiting for her at the bar. Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, both men were just her type of trouble, especially when they came as a twosome. She was supposed to be in the ladies washroom, touching up her face, but she’d needed the time for something much more important. She needed to regain an ounce of the control she’d desperately need to keep herself from letting go, giving herself up to the lure of the hunt, the need her kind had so long ago stopped letting control their lives. She was a huntress, a myth, one of the things that went bump in the night but wasn’t supposed to be real. She was a wolf, proud, strong, female and horny as hell.

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JJ King is a Candadian Author from the beautiful island of Newfoundland who writes paranormal and contemporary romance. The first book in her Guardians Series, Blood of Eden, has gotten rave reviews! Book 2, My Brother’s Keeper, is coming out November 20th.

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