Bounty Hunter 2035 by Wil Collins and Savannah Black

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41jVrw8pd-L._SY445_QL70_Genre: Post Apocalyptic

The year is 2035. 20 years earlier the earth was shaken to its core. Earthquakes started in North Korea and went around the world. Tsunamis ravaged the coasts. Horses are the preferred mode of travel and bounty hunters are the only justice outside of the city states. The centralized governments have fallen apart. Infrastructure is in shambles. Cody becomes a bounty hunter after his wife and daughter fall victim to roving gangs. He tracks them down and kills them all. He rescues a wolf pup and as he grows, Cody realizes he has a psychic bond with him and he can see, hear, and smell everything the wolf experiences.

Tracking two men, who raped murdered and stole, he ends up in what is left of San Francisco. He kills the men taking evidence back with him with the help of a young woman who has lived her whole life in the ravaged town. She hates Bounty Hunters but once she sees that Cody is a decent and honorable man, she leaves with him to become his partner. On the way out of the city, they save two men and a woman from certain death and lead them out of the hell hole.

They find an abandoned farm in the country and homestead it. The barn and a few small outbuildings are all that is left. As they settle into their new life, they have to defend it from one of the gangs from the city who want Cayce back. Can they defend their new home? Can they explore the love that develops between them?

SORM Excerpt
Bart pulled the muzzle of his rifle up and dove to get behind cover as he loosed a round at the man in the middle of the street. Cody had his gun out of his holster and was pumping lead at Bart, as his left hand brought the rifle down and dropped Hank with the first shot. The bullet ripped through his chest exploding his heart as it mushroomed and tore a hole the size of California in his back. As the bullet ended his life, his finger jerked on the trigger and the bullet hit Cody in the center of his chest. It sent him flying backwards, his arms going forwards.

Bart saw his partner go down as if in slow motion and the man in the street flying backwards. He stood up and squeezed the trigger, but his bullet missed the mark and went through the tail of the man’s duster.

Cody felt the impact of the first bullet. He felt as he if had been kicked by a horse. As he flew backwards, he squeezed another round off, catching Bart in the shoulder, spinning him around, slamming him against the wall. He slid down to the sidewalk.

Cody rolled and came up, levering another round into the chamber of his rifle with one hand. Shakily aiming at the man on the sidewalk, he wobbled towards the man, his hat casting a shadow on his hard eyes. Trying to catch his breath, he didn’t have the leisure to give into the pain as he staggered towards the man.

Bart lifted his gun and Cody jumped when he heard the shotgun blast from behind him. He watched as the front of the man’s shirt squirted blood and he fell sideways.

Cayce cautiously stepped out of the shadow and onto the sidewalk as she pumped another round into the chamber. She kept close to the building as she walked past Cody and up to the man she had just shot. She turned him over with her foot and he coughed. He opened his eyes and looked at her with contempt. She asked, “Is it true? D’ya kill that farmer and rape his wife before killun her?”

He coughed again and said, “Yeah, and I’ll do it to you if I get the chance.”

Cayce’s gun jumped in her hand. The only thing left of his head, was a bloody stump of his neck. In a world where God and goodness were shadows of the past, the fastest most ruthless gun and the one who welded it were God.

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SORM About the Author

Traveling and working on ranches in the west has given Wil a unique view of what that life is like. Having had two horses and traveling all over the country with them he met a lot of interesting people and saw God’s country up close. His travels and hardships have hardened him into a strong person who is not afraid to take chances. He lives in Florida on a boat and is in the process of refurbishing it. He loves sailing fishing hiking and camping. Most of all he loves traveling and meeting new people.

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