Tamaria’s Two Cents: Grease Live

February 2, 2016 Two Cents 0


 “Waves” Hello, I’m Tamaria Soana and today I want to talk about Sunday’s Fox presentation of Grease Live!

First off, Grease is like my favorite movie of all time.

I’ve seen the musical version many times, some I’ve loved, some made me shake my head and one I even walked out on.

That being said let get on with my two cents!

I have to say they hit it out of the park with the opening number Grease is the Word by Jessie J!


I was pretty pleased with the cast for the most part. The character that threw me off the most was Kinicki, because to me he will always be tall and blonde. Don’t get me wrong Carlos PenaVega did an amazing job playing that role.

The leads Sandy (Julianne Hough) and Danny (Aaron Tveit) did any amazing job! 

orginal grease


There were two scenes/songs that I felt stood out and were exceptional.

Marty (Keke Palmer) singing Freddy My Love was an unexpected wonder.

The show stopper for me was Rizzo (Vanessa Hudgens) singing The Worse Thing I Could Do. Rizzo has always been my favorite Pink Lady.

I was in awe at Miss Hudgens strong heartfelt performance because less than twenty-fours before she went on she lost her father to cancer.

As for the controversy over the new song sang by Frenchy All I Need is an Angel  (Carly Rae Jepsen) before Beauty School Drop Out, I felt it fit into the show well.

Also the moving of the song Hopelessly Devoted to You threw me at first but again they made it work!

I can’t end this without saying what a wonderful jog Mario Lopez did as Vince Fontaine. I’ve been a fan of his ever since Saved by the Bell!

Overall I would give Grease Live an A!

I have it saved on my DVR and I’m positive I’ll watch it again!

Come back next Tuesday for my two cents on Season 7 of the Vampire Diaries and Season 3 of The Originals!


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