Culinary Seduction by Merritt Kelly

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culinaryseduction-merritt-kellyGenre: Foodie/Romance

Food is the new sex and cheftestants Andrea Claire and Danny Miller are battling it out to see who becomes the new high priest or priestess. The two face off in a contest for hosting duties of new show called Culinary Seduction. Chef Andrea Claire is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wants is to build her own culinary empire. Hosting the show would give her the injection of cash she needs to finally get a store front for her catering business and give her the credibility she seeks. Her food is infused with her warmth and passion.

Bad boy chef Danny Miller’s bold flavors and state-of-the-art techniques in molecular gastronomy set him apart from the pack. Hosting the show would raise the profile of his restaurant and he could pay what he owes the bank and his grandmother. Will his talent be enough to garner him the win? Or will Andre’s seductive on camera personality and obvious passion for cooking win out? Their on air chemistry is undeniable. The test kitchens at Cuisine Channel have never been so hot!


SORM Excerpt
He raced toward the pantry to gather ingredients. His mind was sharp, clear, and he was in the zone. He almost felt like he was back home at his restaurant. It surprised him that he was so calm.

He grabbed the essential equipment from the appliance closet at the back of the kitchen. It would cost him a small fortune to purchase all the equipment lined up on the metal shelves before him. Some of it he didn’t even recognize. To the untrained eye, it looked more like a science classroom supply closet than a chef’s kitchen. There were injectors and centrifuges, torches, a refractometer, sodium citrate, a vacuum sealer, powdered everything, even liquid nitrogen.

For the first time in his culinary career, he could make whatever he wanted and he didn’t have to make a trip to the store or restaurant supply warehouse. He didn’t think he’d have to fight anyone for the anti-griddle or the Gastrovac. He glanced over at Andrea. Some chefs liked to compare the way cooked to the way they make love. Some were messy but passionate. You could taste the love and passion even if the plate wasn’t pretty. Some would create a beautiful plate but the food was flavorless, without soul.

He was willing to bet that she had a lot of passion, in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom. He’d love to have those long legs wrapped around him. He wanted to find out how passionate she was. He chided himself for being distracted. It didn’t matter that she was hot or that he found himself behaving like a horny teenager, she was still the competition.

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SORM About the Author

Merritt Kelly has been in love with the written word as long as she can remember. She’s a freelance writer, author, and columnist whose articles have appeared in the Colfax Gazette, Palouse Journal, and the Moscow/Daily News. Her work on the web can be seen on Paperdriods, DigiYoo, LexiYoga and HaveHeart Magazine, Home &Harvest websites under her real name Carol Traulsen. She has written on a variety of topics including the war in Kosovo, the death penalty, grief, coping with a cozy kitchen and cooking.

Merritt Kelly is a pen name she chose to honor her late mother who always believed in her writing ability. When she’s not writing she’s cooking, walking or reading. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, her son and her cat.
She loves to laugh, all the music in the Guardians Of The Galaxy, trying new foods, a good glass of wine and almost anything chocolate. Her first novel, Culinary Seduction, a foodie/Chick lit romance was released through Soul Mate Publishing in February of 2015.
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