Vengeance Is Sweet by Karenna Colcroft

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200Omara is a demon of vengeance, created to destroy humans who have harmed the innocent and bring their souls to Hell. Known for bending the rules to the breaking point, Omara is placed on probation after one too many infractions. Confined to her apartment, visited only by her friend Ghast, Omara chafes under the punishment.
A battle between two factions of beings and entities, one wanting to kill millions of humans and the other wanting to protect humanity, decimates the vengeance department, and Omara is called back to work. Her first assignment: “venge” Alejandro Ruiz, accused by the soul of his late ex-wife of abusing her and their six-year-old daughter Keeley.
Something about the case strikes Omara wrong, and she chooses to try to prove Alex’s innocence. As she becomes part of Alex and Keeley’s lives, Omara also becomes more and more human. Then she learns that the accusations against Alex are part of a plot to destroy Keeley, who is far more than she seems. To protect the humans she has come to love, Omara will do anything–including sacrificing her own existence.

SORM Excerpt

Ghast walked over and stood beside us. At first I thought Keeley didn’t notice him. Then she said, “He’s like Jochiel.”
Ghast didn’t answer right away, the only sign of how much she’d rocked him with her statement. “Who’s Jochiel?” he asked.
“My friend.”
“How am I like him?” Ghast crouched to better hear her reply.
“You’re the same thing he is.” Obviously she had chosen to be vague to keep from giving away the truth about Jochiel. “You know what you are, and he’s the same thing. I’m glad. That means you keep Omara safe like Jochiel keeps me safe.”
Although she recognized Ghast as an angel, she apparently didn’t know what I was. Maybe she didn’t have enough experience with demons to recognize one. If so, that was a good thing. It meant the only other demons she’d encountered had been the ones who’d taken her from school.
Whatever the reason, I thanked the Creator that she hadn’t figured me out.
The female officer hurried to us. “We can go inside. We’ll have to stay in the children’s room, though. They’re still collecting evidence in the other room. A couple witnesses claim they saw a fight, even though none of the fighters seem to still be here.”
I looked at Ghast. He gave me an almost imperceptible head shake. Somehow he’d convinced the officers he had nothing to do with the events in the main room. I’d stick with that. The police probably wouldn’t have reacted very well to finding out the fight had been between an angel and a demon. Or between Jack Smith and whatever Tertarch might have decided to call himself. People sometimes wound up in jail for fighting in public. I preferred not to see that happen to Ghast.
“I’m cold,” Keeley complained.
“Come on, sweetheart.” The officer held out her hand.
Keeley pressed closer to me. I stood and picked her up, and followed the officer with Ghast right behind me.
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SORM About the Author

As a child, beginning at age five, Karenna Colcroft used writing as an escape. As an adult, Karenna shares stories of strength, survival, and loving despite one’s past and fears. Regardless of gender or number, Karenna sees love as love, and wishes the rest of the world saw it that way too. For this reason, she writes both heterosexual and male/male romance, as well as some polyamory.

Karenna began writing erotic romance in 2006 on a challenge from a friend, as part of her journey. In her books, Karenna shows that no matter what someone has been through, they can overcome and go on to find love and healthy relationships. Even in the dark times, light and hope exist.

Karenna lives in the northeastern United States with her real-life romance hero husband, two offspring, and three cats.
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