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Biannual Blogathon Bash
Creating a Blog Header


This is a mini-challenge post for the bi-annual Blogathon. It’s my first time hosting a mini-challenge, and I thought I’d do what I know. Anyone is welcome to use the information or try the challenge but blogathon participants are eligible for prizes. You still have time to sign up!

Making a blog banner



I’m doing it very simple, using a free photo editing software called GIMP.

When creating any blog graphics, I use a photo stock site, as a cover designer I use several. Deposit Photos, Big Stock, canstock, Dollar Photo Club. There are free stock sites out there, and I do not use them, it’s a personal preference. When using any image off of Google you run the chance of grabbing a copyrighted image, and I have seen several bloggers been sued over it, I personally feel that a few bucks toward an image for my blog is worth the investment.

If you are going to regularly use stock photos I would suggest a newer stock site Dollar Photo Club, it costs $10 per month, they give you 10 credits for the month (that roll over to the following month, if you don’t use them) each image costs 1 credit. If your not going to use many images, then a credit pack over at canstock will do you just fine, their lowest credit pack is $9.

Go over to GIMP, and download the most current stable version.

Need a pretty font? Check out dafont, stay to the free ones. You are going to want to choose several. It’s easier to see which works best that way. You can never have too many fonts. (I have thousands, I adore my fonts)

Try to stick to the fonts that are easy to read. Here’a an easy to understand tutorial how to install fonts.

I’m going to show you a simple way to create a header. What I years ago dubbed the overlay technique.

Usually, I go 1100×300, I think that any wider than 300 and you are losing prime real estate.


The Challenge steps.

1. Download GIMP if you don’t have it.

2. Go get two pictures.

3. Go download and install fonts.

4. Open both images in GIMP. Just left click the image in your folder, edit with GIMP.

5. Open a new image (File, then open)

6. Copy image one into the new image (edit-copy, then edit-paste)

7. Add a layer (layer – to new layer)

8. Copy image two into image two

9. Here’s where it gets a little tricky for beginners. Erase image two with opacity.

OpacityYour going to want to lower the opacity down, use the size to make your brush bigger, also click the circle there, that’s your brush, you can use your copied image as a brush, square is so much easier to use than round.






10. Add another layer  (layer – to new layer)

11. Put in your text.

12. Save as xcf.

13. Save as a jpg, or png.

14. Upload it to your site.


Here’s one I did a while back using this same technique,

to pen a dream blog header

To complete the challenge, try your hand at making one up, comment with the link.

It really is that easy!

17 Responses to “How to make a blog banner”

  1. Leila

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I actually made my own header and designed my own blog design a few months ago (and am completely NOT a designer!)

  2. Lydia Smith

    I didn’t use Gimp, but did buy some stock images and made up my first header. That’s a HUGE step for me! Thanks for the challenge.

  3. Lori H

    Thanks for the push to create something new and figure out how to change the look on the blog. I created a header, added it to the blog, and changed the background color to look better with the new header. I didn’t even know how to do some of that so it was a good challenge for me.

  4. Karren Haller

    I love making banners in all sizes and shapes, I just shared some information on a fairly new online banner creator, maybe you could take a look. Love this challenge!!

  5. Crystal Green

    I made both of my headers on my blogs. It was a bit of trial and error but I used PicMonkey to make them. GIMP is a bit confusing for me.

  6. Barb G

    Well I did download Gimp but before that I remade my header with Paint Shop Pro. I haven’t plays too much with Gimp yet. I’m hoping you’ll consider me done this challenge as I did make a header, just not your way.

  7. Pam Allen

    I didn’t use Gimp (I’ve tried before and didn’t understand) so I used Canva and designed a new Facebook/Twitter cover photos. I just changed my theme and I need to figure out if I want a banner on my website.

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