Mended by Kayla Marie

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mendedGenre: Contemporary Romance

She aches for what she lost.
Four years after her husband’s tragic and traumatic end, Ashley remains heartbroken and yearning for the man who left her behind. Desperate for healing and to break her teenage son’s newfound cycle of crime, she leaves the city for a small, sleepy town in southern Alabama hoping for a fresh start. There, she finds Wade, the charming, ever-genuine contractor who’s more than she bargained for.

He is haunted by failure.
Plagued by guilt when his younger brother goes to prison, Wade is consumed by his brother’s bleak future and his own personal demons. There’s no room for love and happiness in his world. That is, until the beautiful widow with sad eyes and a troubled teenage son moves to town.

If only her heart didn’t belong to her past.
If only his past didn’t torment him.

One great love can transform their lives.
They need only to open their hearts.

Witty and heartfelt with just enough suspense and sizzle,
Mended is a story of hope amongst tragedy and the amazing ability of love to heal the deepest of wounds.


The curtains were drawn, blocking out the last of the evening light. The room was dark where Wade sat alone on his sofa, but he made no move to turn on a light. In his hand he held a glass bottle, still frosted cold from the liquor store refrigerator. The numb feeling had left him long ago. In its place, guilt and misery dueled for control, leaving a well of pain in their wake. He twisted the cap off the bottle and heard the comforting hiss of a long-lost companion. He brought the frosty glass to his lips and savored the taste of the cool bitter liquid as it ran down his throat and warmed his belly. He drank until the thoughts that tormented him blurred and faded and his pain eased. He drank until his regret for going down this path again no longer plagued him. He drank until he felt nothing.

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I am first and foremost a loving (and sometimes nagging) wife and a mom of a beautiful little boy, but when I’m not wrangling my toddler or covered in messes, I write and trying to manage a career as an indie author.

Quitting my job and leaving the world of adults was a life-changing decision for our family, and although it came with its own difficulties, I would make the decision again in a heartbeat. Being home with my son was precious, but being the person that I am, I still felt like I needed something more. Writing became the “more” I was looking for and I was pleased to discover that I had at least one book in me.

For me, writing is a way to escape the everyday stresses of life and it creates a welcome challenge on a daily basis. I hope to make a career out of it, but even if I don’t succeed, I can be grateful that I’ve pushed myself to achieve my dream to publish my first book.

I’m currently working on the second book in my Sweet Home Dixie series. It’s a series made up of standalone contemporary romance novels set in a small, charming town in southern Alabama.

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Dark Side of Love by Janie De Coster

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dark-side-of-loveGenre: Paranormal Romance

Sergen Reynolds was everything to Jerrico except faithful. Left with a broken heart she sets out for a new adventure thanks to her cousin Vivian, a high fashion model, living the glamorous life in Miami, Florida.

Ashley Covington, a handsome, charismatic acquaintance of Vivian’s enters her world like a knight in shining armor. But Ashley is a man of many secrets that will enthrall Jerrico into A Dark Side of Love.







Jerrico gazed at the magnificent courtyard as she stood on the balcony of the colossal castle she now called home. Acres of land lead up to the castle which set atop of the hill. A long cobblestone driveway lined with willow trees greeted every guest. Jerrico was now the wife of Ashley Covington, a man of great wealth and prominence. She had to pinch herself every now and again to ensure she wasn’t dreaming..

Jerrico was fascinated by the castle. She familiarized herself with nearly every room. There was a few she was not allowed to enter which was made perfectly clear to her by the staff. One day she was in the library which was filled with hundreds and hundreds of centuries-old books. Jerrico had been given a stern warning early on that she wasn’t allowed to touch even one of them. Temptation was getting the best of her as her eyes glazed over the rich covers of the books.

A crimson-colored book had caught her eye. As she reached up to pull it from the shelf, Mr. John’s voice filled the room. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” Jerrico nearly jumped out of her clothes as she turned around to face him. “I just don’t get it, Mr. John. What good is it to have such an array of books that can’t be read by anyone?” “Trust me, madam. It’s all for the best.”

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Janie DeCoster is the author of The Sister Series; What My Sister Didn’t Know Part 1 and 2. FRIENEMIES and a short Paranormal Dark Side of Love, all re released by Unlimited Possibilities Publishing. Janie DeCoster new release Men@Play is available now on Amazon. Janie DeCoster is a native New Yorker who resides now in South Carolina with her husband and family.

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Committed to Chase by Natasza Waters

January 27, 2017 Spotlight 0

commited-to-chaseGenre: Romance

Jesse is the sublime and sexy new chief engineer at Charlie’s office. Ignoring her desires is easy since he’s eight years younger, a retired SEAL and a combat hero. While the younger women battle it out for his attention, Charlie keeps her concentration on her work. With an important contract on the line, their CEO sends them all to Las Vegas for the computer convention. It’s not a problem until Charlie wakes up in Jesse’s bed, and he doesn’t want what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas.







It was a far-fetched idea this could be anything other than a moment of opportunity for him. She didn’t really want to hear the truth because while all the other women had lusted over him, she’d come to know who he was as a person. Slowly over the months, she’d fallen in love with an honest, intelligent and incredibly sexy man.
Jesse had struck her dumb on the first day she saw him. He had no idea how she’d restrained herself to be professional and not act like some idiot schoolgirl. From the first day forward, she’d caught herself spending more time in front of the mirror. Taking more care with her makeup and hair. Her heart skipped a beat when he walked in the door every morning and made sure to swing into her office to say good morning.

“Did you do this on purpose?” she asked.

His response came without pause. “If you’re asking did I consciously set out to get you drunk, hoping I could seduce you into my bed, the answer is yes.”

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With thirty years plus serving in the Coast Guard, I have enough book fodder to last me another thirty. I hope you enjoyed Committed to Chase. There’s more military romance and contemporary tales to submerge yourself in if you liked this story. Come find me on Facebook or at your favorite Amazon outlet. Become part of my writing family and sign up for my quarterly newsletter for fun interviews with my characters, sometimes the models on my books come to visit, and of course there’ll be news of upcoming releases and giveaways.

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Husband Sit by Louise Cusack

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husband-sitGenre: Erotic Romance
Series: Husband Series book 1

My kid sister has pushed me into some tough corners in the past, but this Bangkok debacle takes the cake. What’s worse, I have to keep my desperate need for a hundred and twenty grand secret, so I can’t even rely on my three girlfriends to help me get her home.
Luckily I’ve found a well-paying job, Husband Sitting, but there’s a downside. The husband I’m living with while his wife is on holiday is totally, irresistibly, have to put my hands behind my back *hot* and not only that, I think he likes me, despite his “I’m not cheating on my wife” disclaimer.
So…do I work for the bedroom bonus she offered so she’d feel less guilt about her own affairs? Or do I try to keep it all platonic so I don’t fall in love, because love is definitely not in the contract.

I know my wife is on vacation with a lover, but it’s a girl. That doesn’t count as cheating. So I don’t understand why she’s booked me a Husband Sitter. It’s not like we have an open marriage. I’ve never even looked at another woman…until Jill sauntered in the door. Having her in my house has added a degree of difficulty to faithfulness that I’d never anticipated. The longer she’s here, swimming in my pool, spilling wine on my carpet, the more I realize she’s everything I want in a woman. Sexy, funny, a klutz. I even love her potty mouth. Did I say love? I’ve got to get that out of my head, because she sleeps with other men for money. I don’t know why. Her job drives me stone-cold-crazy with jealousy, but I’ll give up everything to win her—my failed marriage, my pride, even my self-respect.
The only thing I’m holding onto is love, and that tells me not to let her go.

Note: HUSBAND SIT is a standalone, happily ever after story, but it isn’t your regular erotic romance. Jill does sleep with other men and she enjoys it (it’s her job!) because the wives book and pay for her services. So there’s no “infidelity” to speak of. The only one complaining about her job is Finn, because he’s outrageously jealous and determined to win exclusive rights. The sex is explicit, however, and the language is adults-only, so this book is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.


Have you ever had a moment where you had to admit, I’m not as smart as I thought I was?


Well, welcome to my world, of standing in the foyer of a multi-million dollar Sydney apartment, staring at the front door, waiting for a locksmith to arrive and let me out. Yes, out. I haven’t lost my keys. This isn’t my apartment. I’m a husband sitter, and the husband I’m currently sitting has not only fucked me and whipped my ass until it burned, he’s locked me into his apartment.

The money, I need. The danger, not so much.

I should have told one of my girlfriends what I was doing before his wife went on holiday and I moved in with him. Then I wouldn’t be waiting for a locksmith with my teeth chattering and my heart thudding in dread, hoping like hell that Mr. Domination didn’t arrive home before I got out.

If I was lucky, I’d live to regret that.

Not that I could regret the sex. It had been mind-blowing, and I’d had the sharpest orgasms of my life. But when it was over, I was aching and sore and I wanted time-out. Instead, he’d decided he wasn’t ready to stop, so he’d locked me in, and there was nothing erotic about that. It was stone-cold scary.

In my moment of terror at realizing I couldn’t escape, I’d rung the last person I should have—lickable Finn with this sexy green eyes, his clever hands and his gigantor cock. I’d promised myself I’d never see him again. He was married. Our husband sit was over. It didn’t matter that his wife was a cheating bitch who’d only hired me so he could feel guilty too. I liked him too much. I should have left him alone.

But I knew he wouldn’t judge me for my current predicament. My girlfriends would see things differently. Two of them were married and, much as they loved me, they’d never condone adultery even if the wife was paying for it. Fritha was single but she’d try to stop me if she heard about this, because she’d think the money wasn’t worth the risk.

But it was.

I might be scared now, but I wasn’t going to let that deter me from my purpose. Finn would get me back on my feet and I’d be more careful, because I wasn’t stopping. The consequences of not making that monthly payment were unthinkable. So I stood in the cold marble entry foyer beside my suitcases, hands clutched together at my waist, staring at the door, giving myself the only comfort I could—remembering Finn’s warm, slightly-rough voice.

Go and pack, Jill. I’ll text you when the locksmith is on the way. Ring a taxi when he gets there. With luck, you’ll get out quickly and I’ll see you at the airport.

Finn was flying in to help me. We’d work this out together, although, I’d probably be an emotional basket-case when it was over and we parted again. Funny how ditching Doug after ten boring years had been easy in comparison. But then trouble had caught up with me and I’d been desperate for cash.
My brief shining window into normality had slammed shut, and then a single conversation was all it took to turn my whole life into a sex tape…

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Louise Cusack lives in Australia, in a tiny fishing village on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. She’s a long-time vegetarian and caffeine addict with an obsession for finding the tiniest shred of romance in any story (and wallowing in it) alongside an unholy ddiction to any franchise that begins with the word Star (Wars/Trek/Gate – you get the idea). There’s something about a man in uniform… in space.

Her own novels are about curious women who get themselves into unlikely situations – whether that’s an everyday woman from our world falling through a portal into a sepia kingdom, an amorous mermaid who gets herself stranded on dry land, or more recently, a perfectly ordinary house-sitter who finds herself husband sitting instead! You’ll have to read her recent release ‘Husband Sit’ to find out why…

Louise doesn’t care what genre she writes in so long as the characters are endearingly real, the heroes are scorching hot and the sex is good!

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Two Hearts: Beyond Control by CJ Andrews

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200x300-beyond-control-revised-coverGenre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction

Danielle DeLaney will do whatever it takes to reclaim the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

Her marriage has gone stale, her husband barely notices her, and her boring sex life . . . well, let’s just say that’s about to change.

Armed with a new attitude, some sexy lingerie, and a few special surprises for Will, Danni has a plan to spice things up in the bedroom—or whatever room they happen to be in—and discover the soul-searing passion she’s always longed for.

Of course, things never go as planned.

Will’s erratic behavior and lack of cooperation challenge Danni at every turn, leaving her frustrated and alone . . . until she meets Nico. Tall, dark and sinfully sexy, his playful charm is impossible to resist.

Determined to honor her commitment to Will—that promise she made to be faithful—Danni attempts to deny her uncontrollable attraction to Nico. But his persuasive powers and sudden presence in every aspect of her life can only lead to trouble.

The harder Danni fights to save her marriage, the more Will seems to push her away, and the deeper she falls under Nico’s addictive spell.

Torn between the love of her life and the man of her dreams, Danni struggles to make a choice she can live with . . . despite what it means giving up.

But when it comes to love and affairs of the heart, some things are Beyond Control.


After repositioning a few wayward curls and reapplying my lip gloss, I pushed open the door to return to the bar. The sight of Nico leaning against the wall, waiting, sent a shot of adrenaline through me.

He stepped forward to meet me, a guarded look on his usually confident face. “Hey, beautiful.”

I pressed my palm against his solid chest, forcing him to move back. It took a great deal of restraint to ignore my body’s reaction to the brief contact. “What are you doing here, Nico?”

A hint of mischief sparkled in his dark eyes, and he leaned toward my ear. “My father owns this place. Remember?”

His rough jaw brushed against my cheek, making me shiver. He had to know the effect he had on me.

I rubbed my chest, trying to ease the nervous feeling of being alone with him again. “I meant here—outside the ladies’ room, here. But why are you here at all? Weren’t you supposed to be at Elevations tonight?”

He lifted a single shoulder and glanced toward the dining room. “There wasn’t a reason for me to be there.” He returned his attention to me, desperation in his eyes.

Kristi was right—he wanted to spend tonight with me. That realization pulled at my tattered heart, but I wouldn’t give in. Not this time. “You’re supposed to be avoiding me. Did you forget?”

Another woman entered the hallway from the dining room, slowing as she approached the ladies’ room.

Nico took my wrists and pulled me away from the door while apologizing for being in her way. He led me a few steps to a small alcove at the end of the hall.

“I’m trying.” He gripped the back of his neck. “Christ, Danni, I wish I could just walk away from you. But I can’t.”

“Who’s your date, Nico?” The words erupted out of me. “Not that it matters to me who you go out with.” I picked at an imaginary piece of lint on my dress and tried to appear disinterested.

A knowing chuckle escaped him as he inched closer to me. His eyes locked on mine like a magnet, pulling me in. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous. Her name is Raffiella. Her father is the guest chef at Lorena’s.”

“Your father’s friend?” I tried to sound nonchalant, prove him wrong.

He nodded. “She wanted to come with him. See the US. I’m keeping her company since she doesn’t know anyone.”

I’m sure you are.

Nico lifted his hand, hesitated, then brushed a curl from my face. His fingers skimmed the side of my neck as he lowered his hand to my shoulder. The feather-light stroke of his thumb beneath my jaw soothed me. My eyes fell closed as my head tipped to the side, instinctively opening myself to him. A sweet sigh slid through my parted lips.

“God, Danni, you’re so beautiful.”

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Contemporary romance author CJ Andrews believes life is an emotional journey. She builds her vibrant characters around that principle then places them in captivating stories and leads them down winding roads filled with unpredictable twists and turns. She will break your heart one moment and melt it the next.

The daughter of an avid reader, CJ grew up in a home filled with books, mostly romance. But it wasn’t until she began reading daily with her children that she learned to appreciate the journey a book can take you on. As her children grew, CJ continued reading for her own pleasure, explored new genres, and fell in love with romance . . . just like her mom.

Before long, her own stories began to form. Characters clamored in her mind, begging to be brought to life. The desire to set them free became her passion for writing.

CJ is happily married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mom of two amazing sons. When she isn’t glued to her computer or e-reader—which isn’t often—you can find CJ in the garden, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or dreaming of her next escape to a tropical beach. Above all, her favorite moments in life are those spent with her family.

CJ loves hearing from her fans. Connect with her at

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Deceit and Devotion by Faye Hall

January 20, 2017 Spotlight 0

deceitanddevotion_mediumGenre(s): Historical Romance / Interracial Romance

“I will pay you to sleep with my wife.”

Jarrah Miyan, a young half-caste aboriginal man, is supposed to seduce a white woman into an affair so her greed-driven husband can gain full control of her inheritance, including the rare collection of black opals she keeps under lock and key. When he walks into the study to meet the poor chit he’s to take advantage of, he expects to find an aging woman who smells of stale perfume and gin. Who he finds though is the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on—the same woman whose pale thighs had been wrapped around him just a few hours earlier as she’d begged him to give her pleasure.

After their night of passion together, Emily Holtz doubted she would ever see Jarrah again. To have him standing before her now, asking for employment at her cattle station, was not a situation she had prepared herself for. She agrees to hire him on one condition. He has to spy on her husband and get her the incriminating evidence she needs to apply for a divorce. She’s spent years in a miserable arranged marriage, and she’s desperate to escape. But her husband is a dangerous man, and he will stop at nothing, including murder, to get what he wants.

As they begin to develop feelings for each other, Jarrah worries about what will happen when Emily discovers that he’s been working for both her and her husband. Not that they could ever really be together, as society would never accept that.

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence


Lifting the pillow to his nose, Jarrah breathed deep the sweet scent he knew to be Emily’s. His senses instantly responded, his groin aching for the mere touch of her skin against his again.

“My husband and I don’t share a room, Jarrah,” she remarked from the doorway, forcing him to turn around suddenly. “You’ll find no trace of him in here. If you wish to search through his belongings, then you’ll have to go down the hallway.”

“I have already inspected his room,” he replied, placing the pillow neatly back on her bed.

“Then what are you doing in here?”

He walked toward her, his steps measured. “I want to know who you are. I want to know why a woman as beautiful as you was burdened with a husband who doesn’t love her.” Stopping before her, he lifted his hand to her face, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her cheek. “And I want to know what sort of business requires your attention at such a late hour.”

Emily took a step back from him. “You’ll find none of the answers you seek in this room.”

“Then why don’t you tell me what I want to know, Emily?” Jarrah begged, aching to pull her back to him. “Please.”

He watched the beauty of her face as she smiled slightly at him, and for a moment, he thought she might tell him at least some of her secrets. Slowly, she shook her head.

“You don’t want to hear what I have to tell you,” she said firmly as she went to walk past him and into her room.

His hand came out, gripping her elbow, stopping her. “I want to know where you were tonight,” he said again, more insistent this time.

“Why?” she asked, her gaze holding his. “Why would you care how or where I spend my nights?”

He felt as if he were drowning in the greenness of her eyes, a feeling so very unfamiliar to him. How was he to explain to this woman that he did in fact care quite a lot about her whereabouts when he didn’t even understand it himself?

“Because…” He paused, knowing what he was about to admit. Never before had he allowed himself such a familiar feeling toward any woman. He hadn’t intended to now either, but studying Emily’s slightly freckled, pale skin, her brilliant red hair highlighting her exquisite features, Jarrah knew he could no longer deny what he was feeling. Letting out a steadying sigh, he knew he had little choice but to tell her the truth. “I care because I don’t want you visiting other men and luring them into your bed.”

She raised her brow, her expression unfaltering. “And is that where you think I’ve been the last couple of hours? Trying to lure men to come home with me?”

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Faye Hall’s passion driven, mystery filled books are set in small townships of North Queensland, Australia during the late 1800’s.

Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world.

Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, theft, and sometimes even murder.

These romances swerve from the traditional romances as Faye aims to give her readers so much more intrigue, whilst also revealing the hidden histories of rural townships of North Queensland.

Faye finds her inspiration from the histories of not only the township she grew up in, but the many surrounding it. She also bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

Faye was able to live her own passion driven romance, marrying the love of her life after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Together they are raising their 9 children in a remote country town in northern Queensland, Australia.

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Bait by Elizabeth Noble

January 18, 2017 Spotlight 0

baitGenre: Romantic Suspense

Tyler McCall has made mistakes. He was a teacher—before he fell for a student in his school. That misstep cost him his job and everything he’d worked for. He moved to the Black Hills of Wyoming to start his life over, and he’s happy working at the Big Rock Inn near Devils Tower.

Linden Bourne, a no-nonsense FBI agent Tyler had met before, returns to Wyoming hot on the trail of a killer. The previously unexplored attraction between them grows—which is good considering they’ll be spending a lot of time together when a blizzard strands them at the inn. Cut off from the outside world, with no power, they’ll need to rely on their wits and each other to survive.





Linden blinked at the man—Tyler McCall—then glanced around. Big plastic tarps lay scattered near what looked like a bar, and wooden and metal workbenches and sawhorses littered the area. Some of the tables in the dining room were draped in thick black plastic.

“This isn’t exactly a social visit,” Linden said. He wasn’t in the habit of calling ahead to arrange an appointment when he wanted to question someone. Holding out his hand—no reason not to be civil—Linden offered a small smile and said, “Special Agent Linden Bourne.”

Tyler shook his hand and thumped Linden’s shoulder with his other hand. “No need to be so formal. I remember your name. I’m—”

“Tyler McCall. I remember as well.” Linden set his bags at his feet and shrugged out of his coat for something to do besides gaze into Tyler’s heterochromic eyes and think how his messy hair and slight scruff suited him.

Today Tyler wore a thick cable-knit brown sweater with the collar of a T-shirt peeking out along his neckline. Linden’s attention was drawn to the little dip at the base of Tyler’s throat. Jeans and hiking boots rounded out his outfit and were a sharp contrast to Linden’s suit and tie.

“You’re not exactly dressed for a vacation in this part of the country,” Tyler said and took Linden’s overcoat, shaking more snow from it. He offered a warm, friendly smile. “Hope you at least brought some boots.”

Linden shrugged and said, “I’m not here for a vacation.”

“Oh.” Tyler’s face fell.

Linden felt a sudden stab of guilt. Had Tyler thought Linden came to see him for other reasons? “Can I?” he asked and waved at the few tables that weren’t covered in plastic.

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Elizabeth Noble started telling stories before she actually knew how to write, and her family was very happy when she learned to put words on a page. Those words turned into fan fiction that turned into a genuine love of M/M romance fiction. Being able to share her works with Dreamspinner is really a dream come true. She has a real love for a good mystery complete with murder and twisty plots as well as all things sci-fi, futuristic, and supernatural and a bit of an unnatural interest in a super-volcano in Wyoming.
Elizabeth has three grown children and is now happily owned by an adorable mixed breed canine princess and one tabby cat. She lives in her native northeast Ohio, the perfect place for gardening, winter and summer sports (go Tribe and Cavs!). When she’s not writing she’s working as a veterinary nurse, so don’t be surprised to see her men with a pet or three who are a very big part of their lives.
Elizabeth received several amateur writing awards. Since being published several of her novels have received honorable mentions in the Rainbow Awards. Her novel Jewel Cave was a runner up in the 2015 Rainbow awards in the Gay Mystery/Thriller category.

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LIES, LOVE & REDEMPTION by Kelli A. Wilkins

January 16, 2017 Spotlight 0

lies-love-and-redemptionGenre: Historical Western Romance

Shot and left for dead, Sam Hixton stumbles into a general store on the Nebraska prairie and collapses into the arms of Cassie Wilcox.

Cassie’s world is turned upside down when the handsome stranger drops into her life. Sam is another complication she doesn’t need: her business is dying and her trouble with the townspeople is escalating. Yet she’s determined to keep the store open — no matter what the cost.

As Sam recovers from his injuries, he hides the truth about his identity and convinces Cassie to let him work in the store. He’s attracted to her and admires her independent nature but quickly realizes Cassie’s in way over her head. They fight their growing attraction, and Cassie questions whether she can trust her fragile heart to a mysterious stranger. Will he accept her once he knows about her troubled past?

Cassie resists Sam’s advances and represses her feelings until one fateful night when they give in to their fiery passion. Together, they work out a plan to save the store but find their efforts are thwarted—and their lives endangered—by the locals.

Sam’s secret returns to haunt him and pulls him away just when Cassie needs him the most. Will he regain her trust when she learns the truth?
Cassie has everything invested in the store—can she save it and find true love with Sam before it’s too late?

“I hate to tell you this, but you have a big problem.”

Sam broke off a chunk of bread and dipped it into the chicken broth. “Honey, I’ve got a lot of problems, starting with the fact that I got shot and nearly died. What else do I have to worry about?”

“A man who stands about six foot six.”

His heart skipped a beat. “Shit. Tell me it’s not your husband.”

“No.” Cassie laughed. “Luke, the sheriff. He was here this afternoon asking questions about you. Holloway’s a small town. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. Folks are bound to be curious when a shot-up stranger wanders into the only store, bleeding to death.”

He slurped more soup.

“Luke thinks you’re wanted, an outlaw, or… I don’t know, whatever he can dream up that might get him a reward.”

“I’m not wanted.” He gazed into Cassie’s brown eyes. “I know you have no reason to believe me, but I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Luke will be back tomorrow morning, and he’s determined to talk to you. He’s gonna ask how you got here and who shot you. I don’t care what you tell him.” She rose and uncorked the bottle of medicine on the tray. “Drink this.”

“Doc left two?”

“No. This is something different. I took this off the shelf downstairs.”

“Won’t you get in trouble with your boss?”

Cassie chuckled. “Nope. I am the boss. It’s my store. I can take what I want.”

“Oh.” That was unusual. Most women couldn’t handle the responsibility of running a business. How had Cassie come to own a store?

“What’s in it?” he said, eyeing the bottle warily. Patent medicines, or snake oil treatments, often made you feel worse than if you took nothing at all. They were full of arsenic, turpentine, or kerosene. “I don’t take well to these medicinal potions.”

“And I don’t regularly offer them, but this should dull the pain.” She poured a spoonful of the amber liquid and held it out. “Open up.”

He was about to argue, then thought better of it. If this poison helped him sleep, he’d be content with that much, at least. “Couldn’t I have whiskey?”

Cassie grinned. “This concoction is about three-quarters whiskey. That’s why I keep it on the shelf.”

He gulped the medicine down, and his eyes watered. “It sure burns like whiskey,” he said, clearing his throat.

“Good. Now that you’ve had food and medicine, I’ll let you sleep.” Cassie set a glass of water on the side table and headed for the door. “I’ll come back for the tray in an hour. Try to rest. Luke will aim to catch you muddle-headed in the morning. I told him you were still unconscious.”

“Why did you lie?”

“I figured you could use the time to get your story straight. Luke’s nosy, like everyone else in this damn town. We don’t get strangers coming through here, so you’re a curiosity. People are going to be suspicious of you.”

He nodded, grateful for the warning. The less Cassie and the other townsfolk knew about him and his past, the better.

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Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.

In 2016 Kelli began re-releasing her romances previously published by Amber Quill Press. Visit her website and blog for a full title list, book summaries, and other information. Kelli’s third Medallion Press historical romance, Lies, Love & Redemption, was released in September 2016.

Her writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative non-fiction guide based on her 15 years of experience as a writer. It’s filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.

If you like to be scared, check out Kelli’s horror ebooks: Dead Til Dawn and Kropsy’s Curse.

Kelli posts on her Facebook author page: and Twitter: She also writes a weekly blog:

Visit her website, to learn more about all of her writings, read book excerpts, reviews, and more. Readers can sign up for her newsletter here:

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Code Name: Forever & Ever by Natasza Waters

January 13, 2017 Spotlight 0

code-name-coverGenre: Romantic Suspense

Patrick Cobbs is a NavySEAL in training and from the wrong side of the tracks. Marg Stines is an Ivy League girl from Beverly Hills who refuses the job offered to her on a silver platter by her father. With one bag in her hand and determined to create her own future, she heads for San Diego.

Only one person believes their love will last forever, and he’s dead.

Book five of the award-winning series, A Warrior’s Challenge.






“Are you going to kiss me good night?” Marg’s voice held a haughty little tone.

Patrick bowed his head and chuckled. “No.” He said it more to see her reaction.

“Fine,” she quipped and tipped her shoulder. “Bruce did.”

Oh man, oh man. He torqued his brow. “There’s a difference between me and him, Marg.”

She cocked her head. “And that is?”

“When I kiss you for the first time, it’ll be on my terms when you least expect it.”

She clutched her palms together. “I might not feel like kissing you then, Patrick Cobbs. Sure you want to take that chance?”

He chuckled again. Relaxed and straddling his bike, he gazed at her. Smart and beautiful. Most guys would think he was off his rock, tempting fate or her ire. “I’ll take that chance. Let’s do things the old-fashioned way.”

“You make me nuts,” she finally blurted.

An honest laugh erupted from his chest, seeing he was twisting her into a ball of crazy. “This is good training for you, Miss Stines.”

“How?” she barked at him. Her brow squished together.

“Although you say you don’t want to live the life of luxury, I think you’re used to getting what you want.”
Her knuckles collided with her waist. “Are you calling me spoiled?”

“Are you?”

She took a quick step toward him and leaned over. Within an inch of his mouth, her voice slipped into a silky timbre. “No, SEAL, I’m not. You can keep your kisses. I don’t want—”

Execute. His hands palmed her cheeks and his mouth powered down on hers. Every ounce of blood rushed from his head to his heart. Her gorgeous body melted against his, submitting. Holy God in heaven!

He’d been right. Kissing this woman coiled his lust tight.

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Natasza grew up on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia with the Pacific Ocean on her western doorstep, and thousands of acres of forest on the other. After finishing school, her life took a drastic twist, and a lifelong working relationship with the marine industry began.

After a twenty-year hiatus from writing, the stories swirling in her mind began to swim hard to resurface, and she threw them a life ring. She juggles words during her days off, and then gets back down to business, working as an officer in the Coast Guard. Her life is a mix of creativity vs. black and white procedures. With a lifetime of working in the marine community, there’s plenty of stories to tell. It’s a different world, different language, unsung heroes and heroines aplenty, heated moments, and blissful silence when all is well. Reading and writing is the way she turns down the loud hum that work causes, and after thirty years of humming, it’s time to vent.

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Then She Danced by Janice Godin

January 11, 2017 Spotlight 0

then-she-dancedGenre: Women’s Fiction / Contemporary romance

Everyone in Kathleen’s life thinks she’s crazy when she decides to spend her well-earned summer working in a tiny, dusty attic sorting through old church papers, but the peace and quiet of working alone is exactly what she wants.

She’s back home again and happy, or as happy as anyone who’s left behind a troubled past can be. She has amazing coworkers, a wonderful best friend, a supportive family, and not one single person in her life who knows what she’s been through. So, when Kathleen stumbles across an old French diary written by a battered wife, she connects with the story and Emilie.

Kathleen’s life changes when she meets Grant, a gorgeous local man with a past of his own. Their connection is undeniable, even for her, and proves that second chances are possible if she can just leave her past behind.



At first, she danced slowly, barely moving her feet over the earth and looking down as she went. Then she raised her head and looked towards the sun. Its heat felt amazing on her tear drenched face and the soft warm wind dried the wet streaks. She smiled and looked towards the singers.

Her mother sat there, drum in her hand, her eyes glued to Kathleen’s face. The women around her were singing loudly enough that her silent voice wasn’t missed. A small smile touched her lips and, for the first time in years, Kathleen found it easy to return. She nodded at her mother, then took the ends of her shawl in her hands and began to move.

She glided across the grass and around the other dancers, her feet skimming the earth and lifting high in intricate patterns that mimicked the movement of animals and birds. Her arms lifted high and swung low, trailing her shawl as she danced, completely free of restraint and fear. The world around her ceased to exist and only she and the sound of the music were real. The final weight lifted from her body and the lightness was freeing. She felt as though she could actually fly.

Song after song, she danced. Her mother and aunts joined her when they weren’t singing and, together, they laughed and spun around the field. Finally, a men’s song began and she retreated to the sidelines to catch her breath. Her mother stepped close and wrapped her arms around Kathleen’s body.

“You’re back,” she said simply. Kathleen leaned into her mother’s embrace and buried her hair in the familiar auburn hair.

“I’m back.”

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Janice Godin is a Newfoundland born and raised Author who finds inspiration for her writing in the land, the people, and the history of her island. Her first novel, Then She Danced, is a women’s fiction / contemporary romance that is getting excellent reviews.

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